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(Non Epileptic Attack Disorder) Welcomes You

Committed to supporting people affected by N.E.A.D

This is a support group for anyone experiencing/caring for someone with non epileptic seizures.There are many reasons people experience them,you are not alone.

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Seizures | UK | Friends In N.E.A.D (Non Epileptic Attack Disorder): Welcome

About Friends In N.E.A.D

(Non Epileptic Attack Disorder)

Since being established in 2010, Friends In N.E.A.D (Non Epileptic Attack Disorder) has been committed to providing support to anyone affected by non epileptic seizures and to raise awareness of the condition. Here in the U.K it is mostly referred to as Non Epileptic Attack Disorder but it is also known as Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures, Disociative seizures,conversion disorder or functional neurological disorder. This health condition has many faces and many names. It is not very well known, even though many people have to live with it everyday. Many people with N.E.A.D feel very confused and isolated and one of the worst things about the condition, apart from the physical effects is the effect it can have emotionally and on a persons social life. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for people to be accused of faking the condition or actually bringing on the seizures purposely. This is an appalling way to  be treated and does nothing to help, in fact it can and often does make things worse. 
It is the goal of Friends in N.E.A.D to support people affected and to help bring an end to the stigma and ignorance that surrounds it.      It is my mission in life to reach and support as many people as possible. The last seven years has been an incredible learning opportunity and i have been lucky enough to support and get to know hundreds of awesome people along the way. 
If you or someone you love is affected by non epileptic seizures, please contact us.
If you would like to know more information or you would like to help us raise awareness please reach out to us today!

Seizures | UK | Friends In N.E.A.D (Non Epileptic Attack Disorder): About

How can we help you?

Some people feel or  are made to feel its their fault they are ill and even that they are faking it but its important to make everyone aware that it is ofcourse very real. Please know that You are not to blame for your condition  but there are things you can do that may help .

when it comes to chronic illness there is no magic cure and so much more research needs to be carried out when it comes to N.E.A.D. 
Whether the apparent cause is thought to be psychological or has an organic cause as with other illnesses, excellent self care can make a difference.
self awareness and being able to express emotions in an effective way are just a couple of things that can make a difference.
Friends In N.E.A.D has supported many people over the last  seven years and its very clear that  taking extra good care of your health in the ways you can control can help. If you would like support with self care and to have some one at hand to encourage you with your goals, get in touch today.

Friends in N.E.A.D Support Group

You are not alone

Join our face book group if you would like to talk to other people that know what its like to live with non epileptic seizures everyday.
the group is full of lovely supportive people and has been described as a family.
you can also contact us for one to one support if that is more suitable.
N.E.A.D can feel very isolating and lonely and at times it can feel almost impossible to over come.
Friends in N.E.A.D is not run by any trained medical professionals but we always do our very best to support everyone using our experience of living with non epileptic attack disorder and the experience gained by supporting people affected by it over the last seven years.
Always check with your health care provider before following any advice given by Friends in N.E.A.D or anyone else  within the website, social media or support group associated with with Friends in N.E.A.D

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